Viral Truth of Jet Airways Free Tickets is Fake!

Viral Truth of Jet Airways Free Tickets is Fake!

May 23, 2018

The phishing scam is very usual in this Digital world and lot of individuals fall into the trap. These time again, a free jet airways air ticket phishing scam is circulating virally on the Internet. A WhatsApp message has been showing up on social media platforms which claim that Jet Airways is giving two free tickets to everyone on occasion to celebrate their 25 years of anniversary.

However, it lightened out as a fake message. The Airways also issued a statement in which they mentioned clearly that it is a fake alert and warned people to not fall into the trap. 

The free air ticket scam has gone viral on WhatsApp and Facebook and many people have fallen as prey to the phishing scam.

Have a look at Jet Airways post

JetAirways Tweeted :

#FakeAlert There's a fake link being circulated regarding ticket giveaways for our 25th Anniversary. This is not an official contest/giveaway and we advise caution. Genuine contests & giveaways are hosted only on our verified social media accounts, indicated with a blue tick.

10:56 AM - May 23, 2018

This is not the first time that a fake message like this has surfaced around the Internet. Previously, fake messages about Air Asia and Emirates have also gone viral and people have fallen for it and lost a lot of money.

- guide by Hari prasad (updated on 28th dec 2017)