Unbelievable facts of Shirdi that you did not know

Unbelievable facts of Shirdi that you did not know

September 25, 2018

Do you know why the Malaysian Government is interested in Shirdi?

Shirdi is one amongst Maharashtra’s most vital pilgrimage cities. Sai Baba, a nineteenth century saint who brought along individuals from all faiths, is that the presiding divinity of the shrine around that the town’s economy runs. Today, the tiny city with a registered population of a bit over 36,000 individuals provides employment to thousands of migrant laborers and soothes the souls of devotees who queue for hours to hunt the blessings of the departed saint. You needn’t be a devotee or maybe a believer however you cannot ignore Shirdi’s contribution to the economy or indeed the keep of Shirdi’s individuals. On Sai baba Jayanti here are eight facts regarding Sai Baba’s Shirdi that may boggle your mind.

1. Shirdi welcomes 60,000 guests each day

By some estimates the figures will go as high as 100,000 over the weekends and might go as high as 500,000 throughout auspicious days like Gurupoornima, Dussehra and Ramnavami

2. The temple was once privately owned!

The beautiful temple that stands at the middle of Shirdi’s economy was made in 1922, four years once Sai Baba’s death, the shrine was commissioned and privately owned in hand by one Shrimant Gopalrao, a rich person from Nagpur, who was a devotee of Sai baba. these days it's owned and run by the Shri SaiBaba Sansthan Trust

3. There was a gentleman who donated… it… Rs.110 crore!

Talking of wealthy devotees, this is often kv Ramani, the co-founder of NASSCOM. once he isn’t setting the tone for public policy for the Indian software system trade or innovation fortunate software system companies, Ramani donates his earning to the saint of Shirdi. The donor has been donating 80 per cent of his earnings to the Shirdi Sai Trust. In 2012 he given Rs 110d ten} crore to the trust to make an ashram that may accommodate 14,000 devotees! We’ll let those numbers sink in.

4. This actor played Sai baba so well, people began worshiping him too

Sudhir Dalvi’s most distinguished role was as Sai baba within the 1977 motion-picture show Shirdi Ke Sai baba. The movie that bust all records created Dalvi a family name. Sai baba devotees who would spot him on the streets would fall at his feet and obtain his blessings. Ironically, the success of the film did nearly nothing for his career. consistent with business gossip, filmmakers refused to forged him in different roles. in the end how can a person who played god play anything on the screen?

5. Jackie Shroff gave up smoking and drinking while shooting for a movie on Sai baba in Shirdi

The ’80s matinee idol, Jackie Shroff, also contend the saint during a 2010 film called malik Ek. In interviews to media homes, Shroff confirmed that he’d given up smoking and drinking whereas he shot for the film. The film nonexistent while not a trace and if Jackie Shroff had any hopes of restorative his flagging career, they were broken.

6. The Malaysian government needs to speculate in Shirdi’s airport.

In October this year, the govt of maharashtra received a bid from the Malaysian Government that has expressed interest in taking up the operations of Shirdi’s airport. For a value of Rs 1500 crore.

7. you can travel all the means from Puri in Odisha to Shirdi

The town’s train depot, Sainagar Shirdi is well connected by over a dozen trains to many major cities and cities round the country. Sainagar Shirdi that became operational in March 2009 may be a major terminus on the Central Railway line with trains connecting it to places as distant as Calcutta and Puri. The Sainagar Shirdi - Puri specific leaves each Sunday from Sainagar Shirdi and takes regarding twenty nine hours to finish the journey of one,619 km to Puri. Sainagar Shirdi – Calcutta Howrah Junction Superfast express takes regarding twenty six hours to finish the journey from Sainagar Shirdi to Kolkata’s Howrah Junction, a distance of 1,790 km.

8. Shirdi’s literacy rate is quite the national average.

According to the 2011 census, Shirdi’s average literacy rate is seventy percent with Male accomplishment at 76 percent and feminine literacy at 62 percent. The national average attainment rate is 59.5 percent.

- guide by Ramya(updated on 25th sep 2018)