9 unimaginable facts about Puri Jagannatha Temple

9 unimaginable facts about Puri Jagannatha Temple

January 9, 2019

Here are some superb facts regarding Puri Jagannatha temple which is able to leave you surprised as they need no logical clarification.

All over the globe, as well as India, many of us may realize Odisha as a tiny low state in East India, however the name of Puri definitely features a high recall worth across the globe for being the land of Lord Jagannatha that is known for its annual Ratha Yatra. Jagannatha Puri being one amongst the four dhams sees several devotees visiting the Jagannatha temple throughout the year seeking the blessings of Lord Jagannatha. The historic Jagannatha temple (Shrimandira) at Puri was built in the year 1078. The subsequent 9 unbelievable facts regarding the temple don't have a logical clarification.

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  • The flag atop the temple has been discovered to flap within the opposite direction of the breeze.
  • Irrespective of wherever you stand in Puri, it looks to you that the Sudarshana Chakra on high of the temple is often facing you.
  • Usually in coastal areas throughout the day-time, the breeze blows from the ocean towards the land and through evening hours it blows from the land towards the ocean. However within the case of Puri it's the reverse.
  • No birds fly on top of the Jagannatha temple in Puri.
  • The shadow of the most dome of Jagannatha temple isn't visible, no matter be the time of day. Perhaps an fine arts deed or the Lord’s desire.
  • The food steamed within the temple everyday won't go waste.
  • After coming into the temple from Singha dwara’s entrance, when the primary step you cannot hear any sound created by the ocean. But, after you exit it may be clearly detected. This will be noticed clearly throughout the evening. There’s no scientific clarification for this. Legend has it that Subhadra Mayi, the sister of the 2 Lords wanted peace and serenity inside the temple abode and therefore it had been created to return this way.
  • The Ratha Yatra at Puri was at the start performed with 2 sets of chariots (3 and 3). As there was a stream flowing in between Shrimandira and Gundicha (Mausi maa) temple, the primary set of chariots were used to transport the Deities until the stream, so the Deities had to cross the stream in 3 wood boats and so board the opposite set of chariots to travel until the Gundicha (Mausi maa) temple.
  • Every year there's an area simply prior to the Gundicha temple wherever the procession involves a stop by itself. This is often a mystery. The temple doors are closed to the general public after 6 P.M. and in spite of elaborate designing, the proceedings are delayed in each Yatra. Thereby this delay offers a chance for the thousands of devotees to own darshan of the Deities at a time that otherwise wouldn't have been attainable within the precincts of the temple. In all probability it's the Lord’s means of conveying that each one mortal are alike in His eyes.

- guide by vinod kumar(updated on 7th nov 2018)